Energetic outsourcing

  • Production, transformation and distribution of electrical energy;
  • Management of both transformer stations and of high, medium and low voltage switching stations
  • Production and distribution of thermal energy for technological purposes (process steam, hot technologic water)
  • Production and distribution of thermal energy for heating purposes
  • Management of resources, heat centers and thermal networks
  • Management of natural gas reduction stations and distribution network

Ecological outsourcing

  • Processing of industrial, living and rain sewages;
  • Collection, selection, transportation, management and utilizing of industrial waste.

Outsourcing of overheads and industrial services

  • Production and distribution of demi water,
  • Preparation of drinking and industrial water,
  • Production and distribution of compressed air,
  • Technical gas and cold-aspect energy distribution by means of preparing the factor needed in cooling cycles,
  • Repair and Installation services