EDF Fenice Poland

Italian orgin

Fenice SpA was established in 1990 in Italy (Turin). At the beginning its primary aim was to manage the FENICE Program created in order to collect and then utilize the post-production waste coming from the plants belonging to the Fiat Group. The project was very successful and in 1997 the Management of the Fiat Group decided to outsource energetic and ecological services in the following sectors of the Group:

  • Production of cars – FIAT CHRYSLER AUTOMOBILES
  • Production of trucks and delivery trucks – IVECO
  • Founding – TEKSID
  • Production of technological lines and industrial robots together with their servicing – COMAU
  • Research & development centers – CRF

At that time Fenice took over from the Group the management of both devices and human recourses- those connected with the production and distribution of economic factors as well as with water – sewage and waste management.
The company has reached the status of Multi Utility Services Provider by taking over the complex responsibility in the above mentioned areas.
At the end of 90’s Fenice started to expand by offering its services also to the customers who do not belong to the Fiat Group.

Polish Continuation

The positive effects of the outsourcing activity was an encouragement to apply the method in other plants belonging to the Fiat Group all around the world. FENICE Poland sp z o.o. was established in 1998 in Bielsko-Biała with initial capital of 800 thousand PLN (currently it is 30 million PLN). In 1999 and 2000 the company managed to match the specifications required by the energetic concession law regarding its proper functioning. In 2000 Fenice realized a specially created program, putting a special emphasis on the ecological awareness of its employees as well as on the security and health care of its personnel. In 2001 this program contributed to obtaining by the company the RWTUV Certificate which confirms the implementation of the System of Environmental Management being in accor- dance with ISO 14001 quality standard. In the following years FENICE Poland introduced and certified System of Quality Management according to ISO 9001: 2000 quality standard (2002), next System of Safety and Hygiene at Work Policy according to PN-N-18001 (2003), followed by H.P.R. Certificate (Highly Protected Risk) awarded by international Insurance Company called “Factory Mutual Global” (2003). In 2005 FENICE Poland implemented System of Strategic Management based on Balanced Scorecard.

Mission statement

The mission of the company is to create the values for the customers and shareholders through the strategic partnership in the framework of outsourcing activities connected with providing the industrial companies with services regarding energy and ecology.

Rules such as: pro-customer orientation, economy, raising the staff expertise, encouraging employees’ engagement, safe work environment and social responsibility are the basis of our identity and the message of company’s success.

Fenice Poland, being a multi utility services provider working according to the rules of balanced development, can guarantee:

  • High quality of products and services provided in the area of production and distribution of energetic factors, water and sewage processing as well as waste utilizing.
  • Continuous limitation of potential distructive influence on the natural environment caused by a company’s activity, with a view of realisation of environmental tasks and goals.
  • Optimization of resources’ exploitation by the rationalization of the use of energetic factors and water in the industrial processes.

Consolidation and development

Progressive consolidation and integration of processes in the world’s economy allowed Fenice SpA with its depended partnerships to enter the structures of one of the biggest world’s energetic Syndicate EDF (Electricité de France) in October 2001.
The fact of disposing of large financial and technical potential allowed the Syndicate to become one of the biggest investors on both international and Polish energetic markets.
FENICE Poland cooperates with Polish and European structures of EDF, supplementing the offer of the Group with so called “multi utility services” designed for industry, and thus giving the customers even better sense of safety, providing them with savings along the entire chain of values in the area of energetic and ecological activities.
Such structure of the EDF Group in Poland makes the offer of Fenice even more competitive.