EDF Fenice Italia

Fenice was established in 1990 in Italy as a company which specializes in providing the industry sector with energetic and ecological services. Its origins in Fiat Group resulted in gaining valuable experience in the area of projecting and managing. Thanks to the technical infrastructure adapted to produce and distribute the energetic factors and to conduct main ecological processes connected with industrial production, and due to the fact that the company entered in 2001 to EDF Group, Fenice was transformed into a significant specialist company functioning on the national level.

The wide range of company’s activities includes: providing all kind of services connected with production processes, both on industrial and private market. An extremely high quality of services is due to the infrastructure that the company owns – namely 40 business operating units which render its services to the representatives of main industrial groups ( FIAT Group, Barilla, Whirlpool, Alstom, Avio, Agusta etc.) operating in the following sectors: automotive industry, aeronautical industry, railway industry, chemical industry, agricultural and food industry. These units provide energetic and ecological services, employing over 1200 workers who operate:

  • co-generation machines of installed power of almost 600 Mwe;
  • one hydraulic plant,
  • one co- incineration plant of the capacity of 65 000 tones per year.

Consulting services regarding the environment are obtained from three analytical laboratories located in Rivoli (TO), Ravenna (RA) and Naples (NA), which employ over 100 technicians and researchers.
Within the last couple of years Fenice has become an integrated industrial company with its own territorial structure. Its activity reflects the expertise of recognized specialists working in energy and natural environment sectors, being able to combine different cultures and realities within their experience and professionalism.