EDF Fenice Iberica

Fenice Iberian Instalaciones, is the Spanish company, is the provider of energetic and ecological services in 100% controlled by Fenice. The company was established in 1998 inside the industrial conglomerates of Madrid and Valladolid – It produces and delivers the electric power, heat and other fundamental utilities to the productive plants of IVECO the PEGASO – and to the main companies in the area (the COMAU, TELEXIS, ITS-GSA).
At the very end of the production cycle the company is also responsible for providing the complex energetic and environmental services. From 2007 the company has been energetic partner of IRISBUS which has its productive plants near to Barcelona.
The Spanish subsidiary of Fenice is currently in the course of performing activities aiming at promoting the co-generation devices designed to meet industrial requirements. The company’s offer includes construction and exploitation of central stations disposing of power ranging from 1 up to 100 MWe.
At present Fenice Iberian Instalaciones employs 50 workers and has an annual turnover of 10 million euro*.
(*) data of 2006

The crucial numbers regarding Iberian Fenice Instalaciones:

  • It supplies around 52,600 MWh of electric power and 171,600 GJ of heat per year.
  • It manages the machines for refusal treatment ,sewage neutralizers and one biological and chemical central station able to purify treat 40,000 m3 of water a year.
  • Certificates of IS0 9001 (quality) ISO 14001 (environment).